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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Do you know misaligned wheels can compromise your driving experience and lead to safety-related issues?

Besides, it reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and can also cause severe damage to various other car components. Therefore, you need to opt for a professional wheel alignment service after noticing any signs of misalignment.

Are you looking for a reliable and advanced automobile workshop that offers efficient wheel alignment Coventry? Then Binley Woods Service Centre can be your go-to destination. We are a RAC-approved facility that offers top-grade car services at an affordable range. Reach our workstation at 60-62 Rugby Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 2AX or book our services online.

What are the signs of wheel misalignment?

You must keep a check on the following signs to find out whether the car wheels need an alignment:

Vehicle drifting to one side

Does your car pull to the left or right while you try to drive on a straight path?

It can be due to misaligned wheels. Make sure to get in touch with us for a prompt solution.

Juddering steering wheel

If your vehicle’s wheels are not perfectly aligned, it can cause an odd vibration on the steering wheel. Do not ignore this issue. Instead, contact our professionals for reliable wheel angle checks and rectifications.

Uneven tyre wear

Misaligned wheels often lead to rapid tyre wear, compromising your driving comfort and on-road safety. Reach us for services of wheel alignment Coventry on noticing uneven tyre wear.

Squealing tyres

Do your car tyres generate squealing noise while accelerating or taking turns? Excessive tyre wear due to misaligned wheels can lead to strange noise from the tyres.

If you notice any of these signs, visit our automobile centre for an efficient solution.

Why choose us for wheel alignment Coventry?

We use advanced wheel aligners equipped with sensors and cameras to detect discrepancies in the wheel angles. Our professionals inspect all the three wheel angles, namely:

Camber - This is the outward or inward angle of your car wheels when you view the car tyres from the front.

Caster - This is the angle that the steering wheel makes with the vertical axis of the wheels when you observe from the side.

Toe - This is the angle formed between the car wheels and the car’s longitudinal axis when you observe from above.

Once we note the discrepancy, we will restore the wheel angles per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Sounds good?

Then choose us for wheel alignment Coventry.

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