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Are you looking for Car Tyres Coventry for your vehicle?

Are you looking to buy top-quality cheap tyres Coventry?

We at Binley Woods Service Centre have our entire range of car tyres online Coventry. You can purchase best-rated models across several variants from our virtual collection by providing your vehicle registration number or car tyre size in the online car tyre finder tool.

If you choose us to buy tyres Coventry, you will find popular models from the following global brands:

  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Continental and more

A look at the tyre variants we offer!

We stock the following tyre variants in our inventory:


When temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius, equip your vehicle with summer tyres to enjoy optimal driving comfort and handling efficiency. These models come made of hard rubber compounds that help maintain structural integrity as the temperatures soar.

Moreover, these tyres also have specialised, larger tread blocks that provide excellent aquaplaning resistance and enhanced control and stability in dry and wet road conditions.


Winter tyres are composed of specialised soft rubber compounds with high levels of natural rubber content.

The tread pattern consists of deep grooves that compress snow and ice, enabling optimal handling on icy tracks. Furthermore, the high-density sipes offer enhanced hydroplaning resistance facilitating exceptional stability and grip.


Are you looking to avoid the cost and hassle of seasonal tyre replacement each year?

If yes, these tyres are the best option for you. The specially engineered silica-infused rubber compounds enable them to perform in various weather conditions, provided the temperature stays within the moderate range. These models feature intermediate tread depth and sipes.


Performance tyres come with a unique tread pattern, low aspect ratio and premium carcass material that enhances steering performance and improves traction even at higher speeds. The specialised tread compound resists heat build-up and thus prevents punctures while driving at high speeds.


If you are an off-road driving enthusiast, then 4x4 models are just the right choice for you. You will find three categories of 4X4 tyres Coventry – Mud-terrains, All-terrain and Highway-terrain with us.

These tyres have a reinforced sidewall, robust construction and aggressive tread pattern. These features enable them to carry the heavy load of SUV vehicles and resist blowouts even in off-road conditions.

Note: They are suitable for driving on highways and city roads.


Run-flat tyres come with two technologies– Support Ring and Self-Support Technology. Their unique design allows safe drive for a specific distance at a particular speed, even after a blowout.

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