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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you looking for 4X4 tyres Coventry?

If yes, then come to Binley Woods Service Centre. We are a reputed retailer of 4X4 car tyres Coventry housing tyre models from world-famous brands like Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Continental and more.

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Top 4x4 variants

Here are the 4X4 tyre variants we offer:

All-Terrain (A/T)

If you want to use your SUV in both on and off-road conditions, the all-terrain variant of 4X4 tyres is the best choice. They have a unique tread pattern that allows optimal control on city roads and rough terrain while facilitating a safe driving experience.

Mud-Terrain (M/T)

Mud-terrain 4X4 variants have an aggressive tread pattern that allows you to drive in off-road conditions. They come designed to get superb traction, braking efficiency and control on the sand, mud, slush, etc.

Highway-Terrain (H/T)

The highway-terrain variant of 4X4 tyres provides a smooth driving experience on highways and city roads. Furthermore, they offer lower rolling resistance, making them the most fuel-efficient variant of 4X4 tyres.

If you drive your SUV mainly on highways and city roads, check out this variant when you visit us for 4X4 tyres Coventry.

Why choose 4x4 tyres?

4X4 tyres have a unique set of features that sets them apart from the other tyres:

Highly resistant to punctures and external damage

These tyres have reinforced sidewalls that make them highly resistant to external damage and punctures. It makes them suitable for driving on sand, mud, pebbles, rocks, slush, etc.

In addition, 4X4 tyres have a higher life span. It is possible due to their durable construction, which makes these tyres more resistant to wear and tear.

Heavy load carrying capacity

SUVs are heavy vehicles. 4X4 tyres have a durable build. This helps them carry the heavy load of the car and its occupants even while driving in challenging off-road conditions.

Unique sipes and wide grooves

4X4 tyres have unique sipes that provide excellent aquaplaning resistance when you drive in off-road conditions. Its wide grooves help compress mud and thus offer outstanding traction on grass, gravel, dirt, etc.

Our best-selling 4X4 tyre variants are:

  • Dunlop SPORT MAXX RT 2
  • Continental ContiCrossContact™ AT
  • Michelin Primacy 4

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