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A valid MOT certificate is a mandatory requirement for vehicles 3 years old or over. visit our MOT page



Tyre fitting and replacement is the newest addition to the range of general repairs..   visit our Tyres page



Cam belts are an essential part of your vehicle and not replacing your cam belt at..   visit our CAM Belts page

gearbox repairs coventry


Is your gearbox broken? If so BinleyWoods Service Centre can help. Unlike most   visit our Gear Box Repairs page

air conditioning


Full air con service AVAILABLE. Plus aircon repairs, leak testing, odour removal etc.   visit our Air Conditioning Services page



We use all leading manufacturers, Delphi Lockheed, Mintex and Unipart   visit our Brakes Replacement page

Car Repairs & Car Service Coventry and Rugby

Repairing your car is one of the least sexy things you can do. But it's something you must, and if you're looking for car repairs in Coventry and Rugby — you're in the right place.

At Binley Woods Service Centre, we can't promise a sexy service, but we guarantee you won't be disappointed with our professional, quality car repairs offering value for money without compromise.

Whether you need a wing mirror replacement or a new exhaust fitted, we offer many car repair services, including:

  1. Gearbox and tyre repairs
  2. New brakes, batteries drive shafts and cooling systems
  3. Replacement cam-belts, wheel bearings and head gaskets
  4. Repairs to your suspension and steering

And more!

Many people delay repairing their car in fear of high costs and needless hassle. And in our experience, car repairs are simple and wallet-friendly (especially at Binley Woods Service Centre) compared to the headaches, hassles and potential fees involved with driving an unsafe—and potentially illegal— vehicle on the road.

A well-maintained vehicle will vastly increase your safety on the road, and as a bonus —yourcar has a better chance of maintaining its value. 

And repairing your car isn't all we do. From MOT tests and servicing to tyre replacements and engine repairs coventry, we can satisfy all your motoring needs.

For enquiries, please call 02476 542 202 or enquire online.

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